Wipe your Butt with Silk

Just saw a commercial for Cashmere toilet paper. I don’t know if any of you will remember this but Cashmere actually used to be called “Cottonelle”. But I guess cotton isn’t soft enough for some people wipe their arses with.

Sometimes I wonder about the media and their constant portrayal of normalcy. *Sigh* Oh the tragedy – that some people can’t afford to buy the “good” stuff. Poor them. They wipe their butts with Value Brand.

What an interesting concept. Who was it that first presented to the world that one brand of toilet paper is needed over another? Commercials can convince us of the oddest things. Somehow we actually have it in our minds that if we buy the cheap brand, we’ll practically be scrubbing a layer of skin off our butts with sandpaper. But it’s just toilet paper. It gets flushed. It’s so like our nation to fuss over things like that, when really the whole mindset is just a fancy load of BS. No pun intended…but you have to admit I’m on a roll. Ha! Okay, enough.

Hasn’t anyone ever tried camping? Use a leaf. Pitch a tent. Make a fire. Eat some wild berries. Get diarrhea. Use a leaf again.

I’m sometimes cautious when it comes to commercials. It’s a sad sort of accomplishment for a company when they’ve convinced us that we shouldn’t be satisfied with what we currently have. And we tend to fall for it – a lot. It goes without saying these days – We need to get the better stuff because our reputation depends on it. Or our health. Or our relationship status. At least that’s what we’re told. What we have is just never good enough. What a bummer. (Ha).

Personally I have to keep myself in check. Some commercials or advertisements have been playing for so long that I’ve forgotten to question them. If you are a pray-er, then pray today that God would show you a truth. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the truth from the noise. And usually The Voice of Truth speaks a little softer than the clamour. Turn off the TV, sit in the silence and wait for God to speak. I dare you.

Peace out. Literally, I’m praying for peace to go out and find you. Don’t be surprised if it does.

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