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Canadian author Jennifer Kropf recently founded Winter Publishing House, a private publishing company with plans to expand.

November 2020 was the official launch of Book #1 of the Winter Souls Series, A Soul as Cold as Frost, which hit the #1 spot on two bestsellers lists the day it became available and is now available all around the world.

Jennifer went to college for marketing and figured out pretty quick that getting a job in marketing was not going to satisfy her book-hunger in the slightest, so as soon as she started having kids, she began to write her debut novel and form the tale that eventually turned into the Winter Souls Series.

She is married with three kids, lives amidst lush Ontario farmland, and attends a fabulous church in the Wilmot Township that is intent on showing the love of God to the Wilmot community.

Her favourite authors are C.S. Lewis for the life he lived and his passion for God and writing, and J.M. Barrie for introducing her to Peter Pan and Neverland, and Stephanie Garber for giving her the Caraval experience, and also Marissa Meyer, Adrienne Young, and Marie Lu for writing books she could not put down.

In her spare time (which isn’t much) she aims to encourage unplugged family time in the home, especially around the Christmas season, and loves offering new family traditions to adopt into people’s homes during the holidays. She also gives mad props to all moms out there who have kids at home and also try to write books or work from home.

A Soul as Cold as Frost was written with the intention of encouraging parents to read to their kids before bed each night during the holidays–as she plans to do just that with her own kids each year.

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“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”
– C. S. Lewis

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