Can I be in your Shelfie?

Straight up, I have a lot of books. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to many of you. At Christmas, most of my presents are fresh printer-and-ink-smelling rectangles in tacky Christmas wrap, simply because I make it easy for my husband to guess what I want by constantly adding a pile of Marissa Meyer, Veronica Roth, Marie Lu, Lindsay Cummings, Kate Quinn, and Kiera Cass volumes to my Amazon Wishlist, along with the random other authors I decide to obsess over. And don’t even get me started on my Bill Johnson collection.

With technology and self-checkout robots dominating society, I’m relieved that real books with paper pages are still a thing. Gone are the days where Christmas shopping was as easy as purchasing a CD, or a DVD that you knew someone liked. Now with Spotify and Netflix, who needs stuff like that?

And now here comes Kindles and e-books, rising up from the guts of the literary world with its robot tentacles to scoop up as many of us as they can. Some people love reading on a Kindle or their phone, and I’m sure that’s where the future is headed. But it’s just not my thing.

Don’t go dying on me book-lovers. We need our libraries to live on!

In the midst of the buzzing technology that runs this world, I find my happiest place is still sitting by the window in a plush chair, with a cup of something only slightly less hot than burn-your-mouth temperature, with all the other sounds turned off, holding open a book and getting lost in a great story. And since moments of rest are sort of God’s thing, something He holds high on the list of valuable things for your life, I hope some day I can be responsible for the story that brings someone else into a place of peace.

Because, really. After all these years of raising babies, it’s about time I kick-start my writing career, wouldn’t you say? I’ve been telling stories since I was a little girl, and now that I have kids of my own I want them to go on adventures and live a life with all the magic of getting carried away into other worlds. So please pray for me, friends! Shoot one into the air right now if you can. I need all the faith-fuel I can get as I start to send proposals to literary agencies. And you can bet your buttocks I’ll keep you in the loop as much as I can!

Now tell me, what kind of story would you want to read about?

  1. Parallel universes on the brink of war with a psychologically unstable (but hilarious) female lead that has totally fallen head-over-heels for a guy who hates her guts.
  2. A chilly Christmas tale that forces an uncoordinated faithless female protagonist to face off with villains from old Christmas legends.
  3. A fairy-tale retelling with a twist that pits two sisters against each other in a dangerous competition to hunt down the greatest threats their historians have ever recorded.

Let me know! I’m sharpening my pencils to take notes…



Silver Platter of Filth


I have two dramatically different sides. And one of my sides is unquestionably more charming than the other.

There’s my fun, full-stomach, had a good sleep, ready to face the world and make mankind laugh at my expense side…and then there’s the hungry, tired, spaced, mirror-image-of-a-zombie side. And trust me, when I go all Jeckle-Hyde and my zombie side comes out, you’d better hide before I infect you with my atrocious attitude.

I’m pleased to say that over the years I’ve learned to manage this and I’m a bear much less of the time than in my past. I have Jesus to thank for that.

One simple cure; time with God.

I think I’ve said this before, but it baffles me how potent this remedy can be. There was a time where my health (and I do mean my physical health) depended on me taking time every single day to rest in God. If I didn’t I would be short tempered and often I would feel sick to my stomach and exhausted shortly after. It’s shameful that it took so much to get me to realize that I needed to be with God on my own time more than just once or twice a year when I was feeling particularly motivated. Sometimes God tries to get our attention nicely first, but we pathetic humans usually fail to catch on. And when we do catch on we still decide we have better things to do.

Unfortunately I’m one of those people that God needs to knock clean off my feet from time to time to get my attention. I get distracted easily. I’m guilty of taking off to ‘chase the butterflies’ whenever they fly by.

There is one thing though that is persistent. Regardless of the fact that God uses necessary discipline to get me to listen, every time I come back he doesn’t scold me or kick me back into the dirt and walk off. Every time I sit down with God, he tells me that he loves me. He simply says, “Welcome back. Now let’s get down to business.”

This has been the beginning of many conversations and ‘planning sessions’ with God that have resulted in some of the best accomplishments I’ve ever experienced in ministry. The great thing for me is that God already knows everything, so I don’t need to run around and try to get the answers or figure everything out on my own. I simply wait. He gives me what I need. And then I go.

For ages I was always in the mindset of “I just have to get it together and then I will talk with God”. God doesn’t want that garbage. But Jesus made a point to stay away from the ‘put together’ people in his time. The raw truth is that God wants both sides of us, including the nasty one that you don’t want anyone to see. In fact, I think he mostly wants you’re imperfect side. Sheesh he already knows how crabby you get. Try taking that gross part of you to him when you’re feeling in the dumps and see what he does with it. Those moments of surrender have become some of the most character building experiences of my life.

All I’m saying is that there are a lot of ‘butterflies’ that are vying for our attention these days. There are so many things to think about and for some reason we are terrified to let them out of our minds for one second. We think they are the most important things in the world.

No one needs to become a zombie. Zombies are unnecessary. And the zombified-droopy-face-look is unflattering on everyone. So get back to God for a ‘faith-lift’.

I’m sending out dozens of little prayers right now. If you’re reading this then one of them will land on you. I’m sending out a prayer of God’s peace, and I’m praying that in this moment you would get a glimpse of God’s warm love. I hope he has your attention now.

Kropf out.