Only 5 more days!

It’s a funny feeling, being this close to having my first book officially launched and out in the world. I’m pretty giddy. And I do weird things when I’m giddy, like making odd faces even when I don’t know it. My mind has gone to another place–I’m barely present. I’d make a good zombie for Halloween.

My whole marketing plan took a snotty beating this year with Covid 19 changing everything, but I’m not tossing in the towel. Instead, I’m tossing a last-minute hail Mary. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

Truthfully, this book almost didn’t happen. There were days where I remember lying awake in bed asking God what the heck what going to happen to this fancy new “career” I’d set out to start. Like, why this year? Why did I have to decide to publish a book the same year the pandemic hit? Why couldn’t I have waited another year or two before setting out to make this happen? If only I would have known.

Those were the questions I asked God over and over. But there are so many cool moments where it was so clear the Holy Spirit was in control–I’d keep you here all day reading if I tried to type them all out. It was hard, but now that everything is done, I feel like it was SO WORTH IT.

I’ve also realized along the way that I’ve done a crummy job at keeping everyone in the loop. I love to send updates, but frankly, my memory is garbage and I keep forgetting to actually tell all of you what’s happening.

Well, here’s what’s happening!

Everything for the book is DONE. I’m so relieved to say that because there were so many last minute do-overs and there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I kept running out of time for everything. This book would have been finished back in July if the Covid pandemic hadn’t changed things, but it’s a part of life now. Everything just took way longer than they should have–so what? If there’s one thing I know–it’s that God’s timing is perfect. Yes, I have only a few weeks this Christmas season to sell a book that I should have been able to spend all year marketing and promoting, but I’m going for it anyway. In some ways, it’s a relief to only have to spend a few weeks marketing instead of half the year. I’m straight-up tired and I think I’m ready to turn off my brain for a while and spend time with my family this December.

My book launch is this coming Monday night! If you want to join the event on Facebook, here’s the link: Official Book Launch of ASACAF

As part of my “Hail-Mary last-minute-marketing weeks,” I’m attempting to put together an online Facebook tour, since physical tours aren’t exactly possible. I have a few fun gifts for anyone willing to help. (Visit if you want to get in on that.)

Please keep me in your prayers this next few weeks as I try to get this book into the world. Unlike most books, mine has a very brief window for promoting it, since it’s Christmas themed (and no one wants to buy or read a Christmas book from January-September.) But, alas, it’s the choice I made! I’m a sucker for Christmas; can you blame me?

The last thing I want to let you know is that I’ve written a novella (which is a short story) that takes place in the realm of Winter–the universe A Soul as Cold as Frost is set in. This novella, called “Harmonies,” will be a part of a book of short stories I plan to publish in 2022, but I’m planning to send the ebook (or a PDF version) to all of my subscribers for FREE this November in honour of my book launch! So if you get a random link to a random book–just know it’s not so random!

Thank you for reading my update! Wish me luck at the book launch on Facebook this Monday night!

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