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Regardless of the time of year, if you want to get swallowed into the world of Winter, feel the pinch of the icy wind in your lungs, visualize the sparkling lights, and get a near taste of the sweet gooey syrups, then you’re going to love this action-packed fantastical series called The Winter Souls Series, that includes new and grittier versions of some of the famous characters out of our traditional holiday legends and folklore; such as St. Nicholas, the Snow Queen, the Scrooge, the Nutcracker, and even the Gingerbread Man.

A Soul as Cold as Frost is ideal for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms by Meredeth Rusu


“Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good fright…”

The Quarrel of Sword and Bone was a death sentence for anyone who stepped into the arena with the deranged Queen, whose soul had crisped to frost in an age long since past.

Sixteen-year-old Helen Bell understood tragedy better than most kids growing up—she knew what it was like to wear clothes from donation bins and be mocked by the beautiful girls in school. She thought these brutal experiences made her ready for anything. But she wasn’t ready for this.

After an eccentric girl opens Helen’s eyes to let her see the realm of Winter—a world with intersects tucked carefully into the cracks of our own where monarchs have risen and fallen, it’s forbidden to mention the name of The Dead King of Winter, and the currency is gold rings—Helen realizes that nothing is as it seems anymore. When Helen receives a summons from the Crimson Court to enter into The Quarrel of Sword and Bone; a traditional duel performed before one thousand witnesses that leaves only one survivor, she’s forced to finally pay attention to the handsome boy who’s been following her around with a warning on his tongue.

But other forces are at play as well; a deep feud of ancient powers runs beneath the snow while a rivalry between the Red and Green Kingdoms thrashes above, and a historic Truth speaks in whispers impossible to hear past the chorus of noise. In a race across Winter, Helen is forced to navigate through the voices so she can make it to the key room and unlock a lost message of hope before she’s captured and forced to face the Queen in the bloody duel.

Praise for A Soul as Cold as Frost:

“Wow, I loved this book! I’ve not read anything quite like it before, and the author pulls it off wonderfully. This book was a magical twist between Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and Spirited Away, yet somehow read as effortlessly original. The descriptions are vivid and really make you feel like you’re freezing, trudging through snow, or drinking the best hot chocolate of your life. The characters and scenes were creative and visually interesting, at times making me feel like I was watching a movie. It was gripping, fast paced and full of action, yet not lacking in heart. A wonderfully warm Christmassy feel, but no cheese. High recommend for young YA readers upwards.” – USA Today Bestselling Author Alice Ivinya


“A Soul as Cold as Frost instantly transports you into a magical world that the whole family will adore. Fans of Chronicles of Narnia will be thrilled with this new wintery adventure!” – Nikki Mitchell, author of Nightshade Forest


“Wow! I can’t believe this is Jennifer Kropf’s debut novel. The writing is absolutely stunning and the characters are so easy to fall in love with. A Soul as Cold as Frost wasn’t my usual genre, but I could not put this book down. I loved letting myself get lost in the wonderful world this author created. I can’t wait for the book’s release so I can order my copy! 5 out of 5 stars, without a doubt.” – Heather Garvin, author of Take What You Can


“A Soul as Cold as Frost has such breathtaking prose. You don’t just feel like you’re reading a classic-to-be. You feel like you’re reading what already is a classic.” – Joanna Alonzo, author of The Sacred Scarred Series

A Heart As Red As Paint (The Winter Souls, Book #2) 

Coming 2021

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Title will be released November 10th, 2021


Nothing could ever be the same for Helen after her first encounter with Zane and the Rime Folk who rule Winter. Even though she managed to get back into the routine of her ordinary life, Helen finds herself growing antsy the moment the snow begins to descend upon Waterloo. The seasons are changing. And Helen knows better than anyone that when winter comes, so do the monsters.

Helen learns there is a bounty on her head in Winter when the pale-skinned Greed cross the intersect to come find her at her school, standing out among her fellow students like shimmering ghosts in the hallway. This propels Helen back into the snow globe she thought she might never set foot in again. Only this time, things are different; cities, storefronts, and even clothing are marked with red or green. War is brewing beneath the Red and Green Kingdoms as both sides refuse to reach settlements, and when the Ruby Legion rages against the Evergreen Host, all of Winter is being forced to choose a side.

With nowhere else to turn, Helen is forced to impersonate a Red Kingdom celebrity, hiding in plain sight, attending lavish balls and even dancing with the Red Princes, in hopes of unravelling a warning in the form of a riddle that was given to her by a Timepiece before she returned to Winter.

This second installment of The Winter Souls series is filled with fairy-tale-like magic, danger that puts loyalties to the test, and a dash of clean romance. Christmas won’t be the same anymore without reliving the battles, unearthing the secrets, and getting sucked into the devilish charm of the Winter characters.

Ice Cream Front Cover Ebook

Ice Cream: You Scream. We all Scream.

Ice Cream is a 7-day self-help/self-love book for moms who have big dreams, but also have little kids.

Some days, motherhood is like having a handful of fire ants dumped down the back of your shirt on a hot, sticky day.

This book is for moms who want to find a smidgen of peace amidst the chaos. It’s for the mom who’s tired, the mom who could love herself a little more, and the mom who has ambitions but is tied down by life. This book is for the mom who dreams.

In this delightful little 7 day self-help book, you’ll discover a few tactics for personal revival, some ideas to bring peace into your home, and maybe even a way to not go insane every three minutes.

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Enchanted Waters

56563114._SY475_This is collection of short stories, written by Alice Ivinya, Astrid V.J, Jennifer Kropf, Lyndsey Hall, N. D. T. Casale, and Ben Lang

This ebook short story collection of mythical sea creatures is available for preorder on for only $1.99! All profits go to Oceana to support their mission to protect the world’s oceans and promote sustainable fishing.

This book is fully illustrated with sketches and stunning water colour by Helena Satterthwaite.
Included in this story collection is a tale by Jennifer Kropf featuring Zane Cohen from the Winter Souls Series, during his life before he joined the Patrol, while he was a pirate of the snowseas referred to as Steelheart. This short story will be available in 2022 as part of a publication of short stories by Jennifer Kropf all taking place in the realm of Winter. But until then, Enchanted Waters is the only place you will find this special story of Zane and his merry band of snow pirates. So go preorder your copy now!

What really lies beneath the waves?
Dive into our magical collection of short stories written by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and follow the ocean’s call.Meet murderous kelpies, hear the mermaid’s song, find a kidnapped prince, and explore the beautiful underwater kingdoms. Befriend selkie royalty, break fearsome curses, and swoon as you fall in love.


Harmonies CoverHarmonies is a novella that takes place in the realm of Winter (the universe A Soul As Cold As Frost is set in.) This novella will be a part of a collection of short stories to be published in ebook and paperback in 2022.


Charlie and Cora are from different Kingdoms. Charlie is a son of the woods, the pines, and the deep earth-shaking drums of celebration and war–a true Green Kingdom citizen. Cora is as Red as its gets; a daughter of crimson dresses and scarlet stained-glass, living among the royals in the Red Kingdom palace with all its luxuries and twisted games.

But when they’re brought together by a mysterious power who calls himself Elowin, for a reason neither can seem to figure out, they learn they each carry a weight on their shoulders, placed there by their own Kingdoms. And if they want to be free, they’ll have to figure out what Elowin is doing, and why it involves them both, before Charlie is caught in Red Kingdom territory where he will have to face the wrath of the Red royals.

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