Projects In The Works

My greatest dreams involve waking up each morning to write novels as my job, having an awesome agent to give me tips and guide me through the process, and to fill my library at home (and the home libraries of my amazing group of churchy and community supporters’) with spectacular books that I can spend the evenings reading to my kids by the fireplace on cool summer nights. If I can get them to laugh out loud or beg me to keep reading after we’ve finished a chapter, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Here are a few of my favourites:



This is my debut indie novel, coming this fall (2020)!

This completed manuscript of just over 110,000 words is an urban fantasy/ epic fantasy Christmas novel for the young adult and teen market.

Regardless of the time of year, if you want to get swallowed into the Winter World, feel the pinch of the icy wind in your lungs, visualize the sparkling lights, and get a near taste of the sweet gooey syrups, then you’re going to love this action-packed fantastical series that includes new and grittier versions of some of the famous characters out of our traditional holiday legends; such as St. Nicholas, The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker, Jack Frost, and even The Gingerbread Man.

Books this series can be compared to: The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis (Think The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe meets the story The Nutcracker)


Helen Bell is probably the most boring and useless girl on the planet. Being dressed head-to-toe in worn out hand-me-downs, and with her ‘booksmarts’ as her only advantage in life, she doesn’t even blame people at school for passing right by her.

But Helen’s stale life is about to be tossed into a blender.

On a cold day when Helen is following her aunt through the streets of Waterloo, Ontario, to get to a family gathering she would rather miss, Helen meets an unusual girl with a strange twinkle in her eye. A twinkle that makes Helen wonder if this girl is not quite normal.

And Helen would be right.

During this strange encounter, Helen Bell, the forgotten girl of Waterloo, is thrust from the realm of science and facts, into the realm of the impossible. A whole world of the unexplained rests before her. Helen needs only to enter.

As ancient mysteries of the Winter World begin to unravel, Helen finds herself in a brutal standoff with a bloodthirsty self-proclaimed Queen who is bent on hunting Helen down and savagely ending her life in a face-to-face Winter World duel called The Quarrel of Sword and Bone.

Unfortunately, with the Red Kingdom and the Green Kingdom at odds with each other, the Winter World is no kind place to strangers. And with only Zane, a young Patrolman, to guide her through the turmoil, Helen doesn’t think she will make it home without getting caught up in the rivalry between the Patrolmen and the Queen who once nearly drove them into the ground.

This blend of action and warm Christmas tradition brings the old forgotten tales of the season to life. It’s the kind of story that would be best put to use in front of a cozy fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in the middle of a blustery winter.

I’m currently in the revisions and rewriting process for A SOUL AS COLD AS FROST before I send it off to an editor. If you want to help me promote my book (and receive a free copy) get in touch!

Book 2 of this trilogy, A HEART AS RED AS PAINT, is also in the works, and its proving to be just as rewarding to write as the first was.


A brief Synopsis of A HEART AS RED AS PAINT:

Nothing could ever be the same for Helen after her first encounter with Zane and the Rime Folk who rule the Winter World. Even though she managed to get back into the routine of her ordinary life, Helen finds herself growing antsy the moment the snow begins to descend upon Waterloo. Winter is coming. And Helen knows better than anyone that when winter comes, so do the monsters.

Helen learns there is a bounty on her head in the Winter World when the pale-skinned Greed cross the intersect to come find her at her school, standing out among her fellow students like sparkling ghosts in the hallway. This propels Helen back into the snow globe she thought she might never set foot in again. Only this time, things are different; cities, storefronts, and even clothing are marked with red or green. War is brewing beneath the Red and Green Kingdoms as both sides refuse to reach settlements, and when the Ruby Legion rages against the Evergreen Host, all of the Winter World is forced to choose a side.

With nowhere else to turn, Helen is forced to impersonate a Red Kingdom celebrity, hiding in plain sight, attending lavish balls and even dancing with the Red Princes, in hopes of getting close enough to the Crimson King to save herself.

This second installment of the WINTER WORLD series is filled with fairy-tale-like magic, danger that puts loyalties to the test, and subtle romance. Christmas won’t be the same anymore without reliving the battles, unearthing the secrets, and getting sucked into the devilish charm of the WINTER WORLD series characters.




P.V. is a NaNoWriMo project that I wrote in November of 2015. The completed manuscript of just under 94,000 words tells the story of a sassy psychologically unstable girl who falls head-over-heels for a guy who hates her guts, in the middle of a multi-universe conflict, where the only thing that can save her is the right bargain.

Books this novel can be compared to: The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and Now That You’re Here by Amy K. Nichols


As a little girl, Ella White suffered from nightmares. The dreams that came at night would go back and forth between full-length colour features and simple flashes, like scattered home video footage, creating bizarre worlds that Ella knew didn’t exist outside of her dreams. Was she crazy? Probably. Thus, her sarcastic humor began, forming beautifully into her best method to cope with dreams that no one else seemed to understand. However, even though the visions were confusing, bothersome, and never quite painted an entire picture, there was almost always one common feature.


One month before her seventeenth birthday,  Ella let her eyes drift close only to be sucked into a terrible nightmare, the worst one of all, because not only was she in some bizarre foreign universe she couldn’t place, in this dream, she felt herself brutally die.

But it wasn’t all bad. After this traumatic experience, the dreams ceased completely. Ella believed that after all this time she had finally been cured. Things in her life started to feel normal. Orderly. Predictable. She got a boyfriend and everything.

Two years of calm organized bliss went by without a hitch, and it was glorious, right up until the moment Ella walked down the main street of her hometown in Stratford, Ontario, and she saw him – the boy she watched so many times in her sleep. The same boy that had birthed a major fantasy crush when she was just a girl. A boy that she was certain did not actually exist, until this moment.

From there, even the parts of Ella that she thought were pretty held together began to unravel like a spool of thread. She’s kidnapped by her childhood crush, forced to stand trial before a council who speak another language, and is put under a binding claim by a stranger. And that’s all just in the first day.

PARALLEL VIEW is a standalone novel (with the potential to be turned into a series). This story weaves together realistic reactions, universal laws that can protect or destroy a person, and an awkward one-sided romance that’ll warm any heart. It’s a satisfying blend of comical dialogue and just enough intense encounters to justify rapid page-turning.




This is a book I finished only recently, based on the tale, The Ugly Duckling. UGLY is more of a spy/thriller than my other books, but still takes place in a Kingdom, with a few fairy-tale elements. It’s a story about revenge, love, and using street smarts to unearth deadly secrets.

Stories this book can be compared to: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn (Not in the historical fiction sense, but in the general nature of the story), and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas


When Hectora Roland ran away from home, it was to escape the cruel Lords in the small town of Ellette and their relentless mocking. Unfortunately, after her long run through the forest and onto the cobblestone road of Vantic, she found out the hard way that the city was no kinder to freaks like her.

At first, Hectora became an outcast in the big city; a girl with crooked teeth and gangling limbs that no one would dream of hiring. But after making a scene in a dress shop, the scar-faced girl catches a stroke of luck and lands a job in the city, working as a maid for a particular woman. A woman, who just happened to be a Lieutenant for the undercover army of the Kingdom of Charity.

For the next six years after her escape, Hectora keeps the Lieutenant’s mansion clean, works hard, and even delivers secret messages across town, because, who would pay attention to someone who looks like her? She was the least suspicious employee at the Lieutenant’s disposal. Timid. Shy. Scrawny. And ugly.

But when word of trouble brewing in the town of Ellette reaches the Lieutenant, things change. Needing an educated spy, and fast, the Lieutenant calls upon her maid, getting the idea to send Hectora back into Ellette to try and locate a dangerous traitor. Hectora, the only one at the Lieutenant’s disposal with a vast knowledge of the town, including personal histories, common rumors, and family businesses, undergoes a full body transformation. Now, being beautiful and trained to lie, the young girl from Ellette heads back into the town she hoped she would never set foot in again in an attempt to expose the traitor to the Kingdom, and in doing so, burn the town she hates to the ground.

But there is one thing that stands in her way. His name is Atticus Coreblair, and he was the only boy that had been kind to her when she was young. Being debatably the wealthiest young Lord in Ellette now, Hectora finds herself struggling to remain focused on her mission, as she realizes that even though she wants to see Ellette burn, she does not want to see Atticus fall with the town. And as time goes on, and Hectora begins to grow attached, slipping up in his presence as a result, she becomes certain that Atticus Coreblair will find out who she is and expose her to everyone.

And if he does that, the traitor will get to Hectora before she can figure out who it is.

UGLY is a standalone novel.



Thanks for reading about all my projects and I sincerely hope you are dying to dive into one of these epic stories and get lost for days.

I don’t currently have representation for my books. If you are a literary agent and want to contact me about any of my projects, please get in touch!