For Teachers and Book Clubs

Resources for teachers, librarians, and book clubs.

My Goal

Since coming up with course content, book report questions for the classroom, and discussion questions for your book club can be time consuming, I’m providing some free resources to stimulate conversations and spark interest in reading.

These will be updated as I’m able to provide more content for your book club or classroom. Included in these resources will be discussion questions for each of The Winter Souls Series books, some brief study/book report questions, and eventually, some videos on my YouTube channel that can be shown in the classroom to encourage young people to read (and maybe even to write books, too!)

If you’d like to read one of The Winter Souls Series books in your class, or do a reading in your library, or present it to your book club, check back here for material you can use! Or, sign up for my emails to be notified whenever new resources are up.

Download Discussion Questions for The Winter Souls Series

* A Soul as Cold as Frost and A Heart as Red as Paint are both available worldwide on major book retailer websites. They can also be ordered directly from Draft2Digital by Librarians and Educators.

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