For Bookstagrammers

Join me on a beautiful bookish adventure.

“Let light shine in the darkness.”

2 Corinthians 4:7

I’m putting together a super-star “Starlight” team.

This is a new thing I’m doing, and it’s going to be awesome. There are two parts to this group. Basically, I’m looking for around 20 Bookstagrammers who love fantasy (and want to promote clean fantasy) to become reps/enthusiasts of my books (and who will get free copies of my books as I publish them.) I’ll be treating my “starlight reps” very well, but since it may involve occasionally mailing out gifts, etc. I’ll have limited spots.

The second part of this is to support each other along the way, help each other grow, build great and beautiful Bookstagram accounts, and promote amazingly addictive, well written, clean books! Clean fantasy books are unfortunately a small genre in comparison to the mainstream fantasy options out there, and many popular mainstream fantasy books contain content I can’t endorse or recommend to the teens in my life. As a Christian book publisher, I don’t write books with profanity/vulgar cussing or explicit sex/erotica. And I’ve noticed that many great fantasy books out there include both of these.

How cool would it be to band together and make a team to advocate for some incredible, fan-obsessed books that also happen to be clean? I imagine I’m not the only author out there with this goal and dream (so maybe in the future we bring another author or two on board to grow our book library.) I also imagine I’m not the only book lover out there who would love to stand upon this message.

If you don’t have a Bookstagram account on Instagram yet but you’ve been dreaming about starting one, or if you do have one but your following is still small, that’s okay! We can grow together. And if you do have a massive Bookstagram account already and would love to jump aboard this team and share your wisdom and advocate for clean content in great books, we would love your partnership.

(I’m also looking to put together a team of 20 Booktokkers to do the same thing! If you have a Booktok account, or want to start one to promote clean fantasy books, sign up!)

The reason I’m calling these book reps “Starlights” is simple: We want to be a light shining in the darkness. Not all of the books will have faith-based messages (so if you’re not religious, that’s okay!) but I’d like to have a group willing to advocate for clean books either way.

What it means when you become one of my “Starlight” Reps:

  1. You get all my books for FREE. (Yes. All of them. My full library. Forever–or for as long as this rep group runs! And if I bring another author aboard, you’ll get their books for free, too!)
  2. You’ll get presents. (They may be small, but I’m all about appreciation!)
  3. You’ll not only get all my books, you’ll get them before everybody else. (Advanced Review copies, automatically. No sign-up lists, no waiting to see if you’ve made the cut. You get a copy, you leave an early review based on however much of the book you had time to read before publication.)
  4. You get to build your Bookstagram account/following. (We can support each other and grow as a team. Myself, my publishing company, and my book club profile will also be re-sharing your posts, giving your credit, and we’ll be helping each other create beautiful accounts in a super low-pressure group.)
  5. You’ll get to be a judge! (The 20 Bookstagram reps will be voting for their favourite title in a clean book award competition put on by Winter Publishing House. Talk about LOADS of exposure for your social account if you want to grow!)
  6. You’ll get to be in my exclusive little group chat where we band together, talk about books, and support each other.
  7. You get all my secrets early. (You get to see my covers before anyone else, my book trailers, and you get to have to sway in the stories themselves in discussions to get your feedback during my writing stage.)
  8. You’ll find your name in the acknowledgements of my books! (If this starlight rep squad works out, I plan to toss a lot of love like this your way!)
  9. Best of all, you get to do something good. I love books. I love them SO much. But I see so many Bookstagram accounts championing books I can’t endorse. Let’s change that.

What you’ll do as one of my personal Starlights:

(And what you’ll ideally do for other clean/Christian fantasy authors if I bring them on as well.)

  1. It’s important that all the reps I take on leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and other booksellers. (This is so important for any book to make it in the world today. Ideally, when I send out advanced copies, all 20 reps would leave a review before the book is published!)
  2. You’ll post on your social media on launch day to help spread the word. (You can either make the photos yourself if you’d like to add your own Bookstagram aesthetic, or I can provide pretty book photos for you.)
  3. Basically, you’ll be dedicated. I may occasionally ask if you’d like to share a book trailer on social media once it’s finished production, or similar things, but those will be optional.

What I won’t do: Try and advertise books at you to get you to buy them. This is not a group for me to promote to you, this is a group of likeminded booklovers trying to share about fantastic, clean books. Any books we talk about will be FREE.

Who I’m looking for:

  1. Bookstagrammers (or aspiring Bookstagrammers) who love to read in the fantasy genre
  2. Bookstagrammers who appreciate clean content and who appreciate (or at least don’t mind) Christian themes in their books
  3. Bookstagrammers who read Ebooks/have an e-reader (and won’t require paperbacks–unfortunately shipping costs for books from Canada are massive and therefore paperbacks aren’t a realistic option)
  4. Bookstagrammers who are willing to leave reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon
  5. Bookstagrammers who reside in the US or Canada, preferably (But I will consider some international reps.)
  6. Bookstagrammers who are kind to others in general (who won’t pick fights online, etc.) and who can provide warmth and support in a loving community of book lovers.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, apply via the form below. Only 20 Bookstagrammers and 20 Booktokkers will be starting off so please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back! Also-I won’t be finalizing anything until I have all 20, so you may not here from me for a while even if you are chosen.

Sign up yourself, or send this page link to a great Bookstagrammer who you think would love to be involved.

Apply to be a Starry Booksta-Rep