A Booklover’s Best Christmas Ever

12 Months of Christmas

A Booklovers Best Christmas Ever 2023 has begun!

What is the “A Booklover’s Best Christmas Ever” contest? It’s a huge sweepstakes where I’ll fill a large box with full-sized books and bookish gifts (one for every month of the year) and at Christmas time, I’ll draw a name and mail the filled box of presents to one lucky booklover to put beneath their Christmas tree.

After the winner is announced, I’ll wrap each gift, then haul the box off to the post office so that one winner gets loads of book-themed presents on Christmas morning and has the best Christmas ever.

And the best part: I’m so happy to announce that this contest is open internationally!

Scroll down to see what’s in the box so far!

How to enter and contest rules:

Firstly, subscribe to my newsletter to have each contest update emailed to you along with ways to increase your odds! (The winner must be subscribed to my newsletter/email list.)

Every month, I’ll be posting a video on my social media about the contest. In each video I’ll show you the latest gift that I’m adding to the box, tell you a little bit about it, and tell you how to increase your odds of winning by helping me spread the word by sharing the video, tagging friends, etc.

In December, I’ll be randomly choosing 10 finalists from those who are:

1) Subscribed to my newsletter

2) I’ll pick a few random videos/social media posts to see who has shared/engaged with them, and I’ll add those people to the finalists’ draw

3) The winner must be following me on at least one of my following accounts: TikTok, Instagram, or be subscribed to my YouTube channel

And from those ten finalists, I’ll be doing a draw for ONE LUCKY BOOK-LOVING WINNER!

In order for me to be able to contact you about winning, you must be subscribed to my newsletter. The winner will be announced via newsletter, and via live feed on TikTok (and privately contacted through the email you’ve provided).

PLEASE BE AWARE: There are several fake accounts on TikTok pretending to be me (they are even using my profile picture) and they are replying to comments and sending messages. If you get a private message about the contest from an account with my name or picture saying that you’ve won, or to follow a link, please check the profile of the sender because it’s likely not me. (I will not be contacting anyone via private message on social media regarding this contest unless I absolutely have to.)

Ways to win:

Use the hashtag #ABookLoversBestChristmasEver wherever you can so I can find your shared posts!

In the 2023 Box so Far:

*Books 1-4 of The Winter Souls Series: A magical, family-friendly YA fantasy book series inspired by Christmas folklore, with a lighthearted middle grade feel, underlying Christian themes, and loads of cozy Christmas vibes.

A Fantasy Journal

These journals look just like fantasy novels, complete with chapter headings and page numbers, but they’re for you to write in! See the rest of the journal collection.

A new gift will be added every month! Check back to see all the new gifts.

How to Increase Your Odds of Winning:

Share the following contest videos on social media (and use the hashtag #abookloversbestchristmasever or tag me so I can find your posts!) When it’s time to select finalists for the draw, some of the finalists will be chosen based on if they shared one or more of the contest posts. (So if you’re subscribed to my email, you will go into the draw automatically. If you also share a contest post and I put your social media handle into the draw, you can be in the draw twice!)

Contest Videos you can Share:


A book lovers best christmas ever! I’m mailing a box of books and bookish presents to one book lover. These are January, February, March, and April’s gifts! A fantasy book series that’s similar to The Chronicles of Narnia and is christmas themed and family friendly. #abookloversbestchristmasever #bookfairy #booktoktexas #bookishthings #thechroniclesofnarnia #narniabooks #narniatok

♬ original sound – Jennifer Kropf

I’m mailing a box of books and bookish presents to one fantasy book lover! The Winter Souls is like a blend between The Chronicles of Narnia and the story of the Nutcracker with an underlying Christian theme. May’s gift: a fantasy journal for booktokers! #abookloversbestchristmasever #bookfairy #thechroniclesofnarnia #christianfantasy #christianbooks #christiantok #fantasybooktok #middlegradebooks

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Past Boxes:

Congratulations Miralie Chayer for winning the 2022 A Booklover’s Best Christmas Ever contest!

If you missed it, the LIVE draw took place on TikTok Saturday, December 3rd at 9am EST, and our 2022 winner was chosen!

Items that were in the 2022 box:

About this book:

A Soul as Cold as Frost is a wintery, Christmas portal fantasy similar to the story of The Nutcracker.

“Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good fright…”

About this book:

A Heart as Red as Paint is the second installment of The Winter Souls Series, with magic riddles, plot twists, and all the Christmas magic you can dream of.

“Deck the halls with bells and folly…”

About this book:

A Crown as Sharp as Pines brings Helen back into the realm of Winter, where she finds herself face-to-face with the Queen of the Pines.

“I’m dreaming of a frightful Christmas…”

A Personal Library Kit

This personal library kit is for your home library, so you can lend books to friends and keep track, organize your own bookshelves, and add a serious level of charm to your book collection.

A BookTok Tiara

This tiara is for those of you who love to make bookish posts on social media. It adds fantasy flair to any Bookstagram or BookTok post! Or, just wear it for fun. (Why not?)

A Book-Inspired Journal

This journal is inspired by a fiction novel. Sitting in your bookshelf, no one would know it was a journal. While it looks like you’re carrying around your favourite novel, you’ll actually be penning your own story or innermost thoughts.

A “Time Turner” Necklace

This Harry Potter necklace is what Hermoine Granger uses to travel in time in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. This might just be the coolest bookish jewelry in existence.

“Book Notes” Supplies

These go hand-in-hand with the books you’ll be getting. Have you seen those BookTokkers or Bookstagrammers who tab their books? These purple/gray tabs are going to make your favourite lines glow. If you’re not into tabbing books, they’ll go perfectly with your new journal.

“Feathers of Snow” by Alice Ivinya

This novel is inspired by the fairytale “Goose Girl.”

“In Brianna’s new world of ice and snow, the coldest things by far are the eyes of her betrothed…”

“Once Upon a Shooting Star” Fantasy Journal

This journal is for the dreamer in you to pen your thoughts and dreams. Inspired by popular fantasy novels, it looks just like a fantasy book inside and out! But it’s for you to write in.

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

This classic love story is a must read for any romance booklover. This prize box wouldn’t be complete without at least one classic!

In the A Booklover’s Best Christmas Ever box:
*Signed paperbacks of books 1-4 of The Winter Souls Series
*A Personal Library Kit by Knock’s Knock’s
*A BookTok Tiara
*”Once Upon a Bibliophile”: a novel-inspired journal
*”Feathers of Snow” novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Alice Ivinya
*A Harry Potter themed “Time Turner” necklace
*Book Notes supplies for book tabbing or journaling
*”Once Upon a Shooting Star” fantasy journal
*”Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen