Wakey Wakey.

1908227_10151864286181604_1046793104_nApparently I take a lot of selfies while drinking coffee. I don’t regret it. Which makes me think…

I am shamefully self absorbed.

The thing about coffee is that it has so many perks; brings you out of your sleep-mode, creates a fabulous excuse for a social meeting, and it just tastes so stinking good. How does Starbucks get a Peppermint Mocha to taste like that? It doesn’t seem fair. I suspect the use of magic.

There is something blissful about drinking a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning. Makes you think of snuggles. Good books. Kittens.

One month until the Love Encounter. It seems hard to believe, but somehow I’m not stressed about it at all. I’m so focused on God’s vision for this, His heart, what He will do. I don’t care to fuss over the other stuff. Booo other stuff.

One thing that seems to be reoccurring, a message that keeps coming to me, is that this conference will be an awakening. So many people are sleeping, maybe even blind. Doubtful. But I feel like God is telling me that this is going to wake up women from all over this region, women who will be activated to go out and start spreading the truth about the grace of Jesus in their schools, or workplaces. It’s like a spiritual cup of hot coffee.

But He doesn’t stop there. I start to think about my church, Wilmot Center. How can I explain this? Well, it feels like something in my stomach is bubbling (not in an indigestion way) and rising up into my heart, making it patter. I feel like this conference is going to birth a revival in my church, starting with the women. My church has been talking about the idea of revival for a lot of years. I’ve heard it many times. A revival, how cool would that be? But people seem tired. They seem half asleep. Everyone is overworked. Sometimes that can be discouraging. But personally I’m not willing to give up. My God doesn’t have limits like we do. Hallelujah – He is overflowing with power! So let’s spew spiritual coffee and spark the movement that is going to bring revival into this church. I love this church. And God loves it abundantly. He wants to see us healed, dancing, free!

Women being brave in the name of Jesus, that is the goal. Women healed. Women set free from bondage. Women alive. Women prophesying. Women redeemed. Women woken up from the dim day-to-day routine of their lives. Women speaking life into others. Women bringing the love of Jesus into their jobs.

It’s going to start with these saturated, infatuated, abundantly caffeinated women! goodvsevilcoffee

I ask that you would lift these things up in your prayers. Let’s cover this weekend encounter and all of these women in prayer so that they can be filled to overflowing with the presence of God.

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