Eyes to See. Ears to Hear. And a Nose to Blow.

Okay, so here I am in an oversized hoodie, sipping on tea, all cozied up and ready to write a blog post. Sounds nice, right? Well that’s perspective. I’ve got about a thousand pounds of snot backed up in my nose, my head feels like it’s getting whacked every two seconds by Thor’s hammer and I’m so tired that I’m pretty sure I could fall asleep standing up like Mr. Bean.

Sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem.

Ever since Monday (that is, Monday October 21st, a week from yesterday) I’ve been hit with this sickness which, apart from giving me a touch of sexy rasp in my voice, is the furthest thing from attractive that exists. In the beginning it was just a sore throat and weird chills, but the virus seems to have grown legs and climbed up my throat into my sinuses. And at some point it smuggled a handful of grenades into my head too.

Throughout this lovely time of coughing, sneezing, snorting, wheezing…dying…I haven’t had much of a chance to rest in God’s presence and see what he has next for me. But this morning I had a chance to do that. I hung out with him while wolfing down an entire box of Thin Mints. Yes, eating sugar is a bad idea when you’re sick. Stop trying to be my doctor. But I bought them before I got sick and have been staring at them for over a week. And if you know me then you probably already know that I lack the discipline to do any better.

This morning I was chatting with the big man upstairs, and I don’t mean Phil because our house doesn’t have any stairs, I mean God. The Almighty. The Cornerstone. King of the Globe. That guy. And as I was conversing in my nasally low-pitched dialogue, a recent vision started to re-station itself at the forefront of my mind. I think God has a new idea for the future, and I’m becoming increasingly excited about it. I’m beginning to better understand his heart and the direction he’s trying to pull me in (sometimes against my instincts). I’m imagining a place where people will be Awakened.

Sleeping souls will come alive. Dry bones will stand up to dance. Weary hearts will be transformed. And all in the name of Jesus Christ, who died as payment for these things to be given to us. Because his blood was shed when he died, we have a right to the healing, rejuvenating power of Jesus. The life he lived was our example; to disciple our nation, to heal the sick, to tell the truth.

God makes Himself known through his “works”. When his children perform his works, their identity is revealed to them. We struggle with our direction, our identity, and we ask God, “What do you want me to do with my life?” Well God has already told us what to do. And I’m as guilty of asking as any. But he already told us to go into the world and preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. And through these works God’s nature is revealed, and God becomes irresistible to those who have eyes to see.

Irresistible. And always ready to embrace you. I want that relationship.

I won’t give too much away before I pray about it some more, but I’m excited for where God is taking me next. I think it’s going to set a contagious fire beneath the feet of the encountered. And maybe once I’m snot-free and I no longer want to bust my head through a window, I’ll start embracing that God is, once again, on the move. Though I don’t think he ever really stopped.

Kropf out.

2 thoughts on “Eyes to See. Ears to Hear. And a Nose to Blow.

  1. You have a way with words. G R O S S. I can feel the rattle and echo in my own head. ;P
    However, I sense the call in my own life to catch the vision, and sometimes God has to get our attention to make us slow down. Rest in God and get well.

  2. Thanks! And awesome – God is calling you to ‘catch the vision’. I think that means you’ve got some excitement ahead of you. 😉 Usually God’s ‘calls’ are a lot more nuts and border line freaky than we expect, but it’s worth it.

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